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A new approach to marketing, allowing everyone to advertise their products and services using freeware software tools that get supported exactly by the same advertising they are able to deliver all over the world.

Xpandy, what is it?

Xpandy is a marketing software, a website ad service and banner creator/editor as well. It's add-on built in free software applications and publishes your ads on a ad window, right inside the free software host.

If the user is running the free software host, then your ads will be publish. The user will not be able to run the free software host if his computer is not connected to the internet. This way you are assured that you are publishing your ads.

Xpandy software does not collect private information from your computer. It delivers the ads that pay for the software you use freely AND also lets you create and publish your own ads!

Xpandy, how does it work?

If you are an advertiser and you want to publish an ad, just create an user account on this website and pay the number of impressions inside Xpandy window.

Xpandy needs a working internet connection so that you can use the free software host.

How much does it cost? Simple, 1 cent per impression ! No hidden fees.

xpandy pricing

Download Free CAD software using Xpandy Technology:

Download CMS Xpandy powered by IntelliCAD 6.3 Technology >

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